Center Parcs v Bluestone

We’ve visited Center Parcs a fair few times over the last 15 years. After reading lots of blogs about Bluestone and viewing their website, we thought for our next family holiday we’d pay them a visit.. Lauren and Alexander wrote this post, with a little help from me!

What we love about Center parcs:

1. Café Rouge

2. The rapids

3. Having a starbucks everyday.

4.The Aqua Sana

5.The lake

6.The sweet shop

7.The zip line

8.Eating in and ordering pizza

9.Parc market

10. Land train

What we’re looking forward to at Bluestone:

1. The golf buggies

2. The swimming pool

3. The two storey upside down villa

4.The different restaurants

5. The evening entertainment

6. The different surroundings / new scenery

“I want to go to Bluestone because it’s different” Alexander

“I’m looking forward to the evening entertainment because it’s something different than Center Parcs” Lauren




I must admit, I’ve been struggling just lately with the fact that Alexander no longer wants to spend any time with me. It’s really hard, especially when I look on timehop and see pictures from a few years ago with us all out for the day together.

So this morning I decided to broach the subject with Alexander about coming out with us for an ice cream at Upton country park. As you can imagine, this went down like a lead balloon! Lots of moaning and groaning about being tired and it being too much effort. So I’m not ashamed to say I resorted to a bit of emotional black mail! How sad I was that he wouldn’t come out with me etc… He relented and said he would come!!! Yippee, he actually is great company and does really enjoy himself when leaves his bedroom.

Being the lovely mum that I am!!! I pushed the boat out and treated them to lunch out too. Lunch was delicious, one of the bar staff recognised me as a ‘dinner lady’. He was lovely, we had a quick chat, he told me how he was waiting to join the forces and how he’s now 18. I left feeling even older!!

Upton country park is one of my favourite places to visit, as a family we go there quite often. It has my favourite route for running too. They also do the best ice creams there as well and not to expensive. Today the park was really busy, not surprising due to the lovely weather. We grabbed our ice creams, mine of course was mint choc chip and set off for a walk.

All in all a great Tuesday!



Let's Talk Mommy


So here we are. And if you’re reading this, thanks!  I thought I’d have a change around. Shake thinks up a bit. I’ve been wanting to change my blog name for a while. My old one was pretty dull and not that imaginative! I must admit I’ve been getting a bit bored of blogging and really struggling with ideas. There are so many great blogs out there and also some pretty random ones.

So how did I decide on my new blog name?  Well… I’d liked ‘adventures of the  Bown family’ for a while now and after speaking to my friend, she said yep go forward it! I don’t think we’re a very adventurous family to be honest, we pretty much plod on in our own little world, waiting for the next disaster to hit! 

About us, the Bown’s. Well most of you reading this will know a bit about our family but if you’re a new reader let me fill you in!

Lyn that’s me. The one who writes all the rubbish! I’m 42 this year (sigh) and have been married to my extremely patient husband for 19 years this year. I work at the local middle school as a teaching assistant. I love it. I’ve been so lucky to make some truly great friends there. I’m a mad cat lady, who if I had chance would own more than two cats!! Last year I managed to lose 2 stone in weight and I’m now trying to not put it back on again!!    Michael – well my wonderful husband reaches the grand age of 50 next month. To be honest he’s hardly changed over the last few years. He’s an exceptionally brave man and I’m extremely proud of him. He works hard and loves nothing more than watching a rubbishy film on the TV!     Lauren – our beautiful daughter Lauren is 16. She’s just recently taken her GCSE’s and we’re now waiting for the results (bites fingernails!). Lauren is completely obsessed with Mcbusted, to the point that’s all she talks about!! Excitingly she’ll be off to college in September to start the next step of her life.    Alexander – what can I say about Alexander…well he recently turned 13 and is now your typical teenage boy! When he does venture out of his bedroom, he can actually be quite pleasant! He’s mad keen on his Xbox and has just got into skate boarding. Which at least means he goes out every now and then!   So I hope you find my new blog interesting. I will try my best to keep it up to date!! 

Thanks for reading

Lyn x

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