Goodbye Nanny

Will today was a hard day. My wonderful mum in law passed  away.
She has really struggled over the last couple of months knowing she had cancer. Mentally it affected her greatly. As a family we all tried so very  hard to keep her motivated but it was really such a struggle.
Last Sunday was the last time I saw her properly. I didn’t want to see her in hospital, I wanted to remember her the way she was. I’m so glad we visited Nanny that Sunday. She was thrilled to see Lauren without her brace and to see her lovely straight teeth.  We all laughed about Grandad’s reaction about Lauren having her nose pierced!

Nanny was a brilliant Nanny, Lauren and Alexander loved her so much. When they were younger she babysat them while I went to work and would pick Alexander up from preschool. She would always let Alexander sit in the front and never complained when he’d wind down the window for a bit of fresh air, even in the winter!!


Monica and I  would chat at least twice a day on the phone.  We could talk about anything for hours! I will never forget that.

So rest in peace Nanny. You are now finally at peace. We will all miss you  so much.  Your lack of a sense of humour, which we all took the micky out of you for! I’m so glad you were able to see Lauren at her prom, I know she was thrilled to see you.
I hope I did your son proud and thank you for letting me be part of your life.
Love you
Lyn x


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