Not all teenagers are bad!

I’m always reading on social media, how awful teenage children are. It makes me mad! Not all of them are horrible. Take my children for example, yes I know I’m extremely biased; they’re great. Fabulous even. They’re a joy to be around, I love their company and  treasure the time we have together. We share great banter together and have interesting conversations! Yes they can be grumpy; so can I and if you’re truthful, so are you. Teenage children have so much going on in their life’s. The pressure they’re under at school is immense not only with their levels, they have to achieve but also with their peers. I know for one I wouldn’t want to be a teenager in this day and age. If you were to compare them to the older generation are they much better? I’ve lost count how many times I’ve patiently been waiting in a queue, only to have a senior citizen push in front of me. Or how about when you hold a door open for them and not a word of thanks?!  My daughter works in a sandwich bar, on a couple of occasions, a customer has actually sworn at her because she doesn’t have the sandwich filling that they want. How is that acceptable? She and most of her friends would never dream of speaking to an adult in that manner.
Lets all be a bit more tolerant to our teenage children.

Lets not label them #stroppyteenagers. Remember, they will soon be grown up and no longer be such a big part of our life’s. I dread the time when my children leave home. It’ll be the saddest day ever. I know I’ll have more time to spend time with my husband (!) but I will miss them so much!!




This week I’m super proud of my babies!

Alexander had settled really well back into school, something that has taken me quite by surprise! He’s actually enjoying his lessons and has great teachers as well. Every morning, when I take him to school he chats away, it’s lovely. This afternoon he actually started doing his homework in the car, on the way home!!

Lauren started college on Tuesday. She was both excited and nervous. It’s such a big step and I think she’s been finding it tough not being at school with her friends. When she got home on Tuesday she was genuinely so excited about her course. It sounds amazing! Straight away she wanted my lovely friend Ali to be one of her models!! I wasn’t even asked! Next week she starts the course properly. Right from the start, she’s learning about make up and styling and cutting hair! I can’t wait for her to do mine!!

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Monday monthly melfie

There was only one photo to choose for this months Monday melfie. It had to be this one. Lauren and I were both nervously waiting to go and pick up her GCSE results. All I’ll say is, she did fabulously. As a family we are so proud of her.

I picked a couple of others that nearly made the grade!

A family melfie with my sister and Lauren

A fun day at our favourite country park

 Lyn x

Memories of the summer holidays 

I can’t believe the summer holidays are drawing to a close. I actually feel really emotional as I write this post. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy my job, but I adore being at home with Lauren and Alexander, they’re such great company.

We’ve had great days out over the holidays and actually managing to get Alexander to come out was fab!

As I scrolled through my photo’s on my phone, there really are some great memories of our time together. I thought I’d share them with you.

off to see Annie

a little treat for me

Upton country park fun

Fun at Upton country park

We were trying to be arty!!


even Harry had a go!

skate boarding fun at the beach.


Love Poole park. I find walking on here quite scary!

Trying out the exercise machines!!

a rainy evening on the beach

rope swing fun!!

even I had a go!

Love him!

left my phone with Lauren for 5 minutes!

We even managed a BBQ

Strike that pose!

staying cool in the sun

to early for our Rosie to wake up!

Lauren received her GCSE results!

We met up with my sister and her family

cousins altogether

So it’s back to work, college and school we go. I can’t believe how quickly the six weeks have gone by. I say it every year! Only six weeks until half term!!

Lyn x


Awesome Austerity

My year of thrift

Into The Glade!

'As a matter of fact I rather feel like expressing myself now' - Audrey Hepburn