What horrible weather we had today, I’d planned to go for a run after dropping Lauren off at work but even I don’t run in the rain. I’m definitely a fair weather runner. We didn’t really get up to too much today. I managed to drag Alexander out to get new shoes for school and trainers for home. He’s now in to the whopping size 3 shoes. Yes he has tiny feet for a boy of 13, it runs in the family. His Uncle Chris is only a size 6! At least nobody takes his shoes at school. We visited our local Brantano, the staff are very friendly and helpful. To be honest, with Alexander, he’s not at all interested in buying shoes. So its normally the first pair he tries on we buy! We chose Hush puppies again, they are the same price as Clarkes and don’t come with flashy lights, which at 13 and at secondary school you don’t want (one of the disadvantages of having small feet)! Trainers were also easy to chose, again, I pretty much pointed Alexander in the right direction! I think the whole shopping trip took 1/2 hour! A quick way to spend £76!

Theres not much else for us to buy now. Alexander’s trousers were new just before he finished for school and he’s shirts still fit fine. I’m a bit tight when buying them as each shirt costs £16 but they do last! So apart from a cheap pair of trainers for school and some pens Alexander is ready for school, which is currently a banned subject on his behalf!

Lauren on the other hand will cost us about £500 for all her college bits, luckily she’s been saving her wages to help out! It will be worth it all in the end, especially when she can cut and colour my hair! image image


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  1. Ali
    Aug 13, 2015 @ 15:41:26

    And when she can do mine too! We still have to get Harley’s trousers! Sob sob x



  2. Lins @Boo & Maddie
    Aug 17, 2015 @ 14:15:28

    I’m a fairweather runner too, great at finding any excuse for not going! x #TWTWC

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